Mono Grade Engine Oil HD50

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Mono grade long performance engine oil. Produce by German engineering, mixing high quality mineral engine oil. Using in gasoline and diesel engine to heavy contiditons.

Kuntz Motorenöl HD50 is premium engine oil contains 100% virgin base stock formulated with the multiple additives and blended using latest technology; Provides superior lubrication for the gasoline engines that requires high quality mono grade engine oil. Suitable for passenger cars and light duty commercial vehicles demanding SG service category mono grade engine oil.

API: SG/CD MB 227.0, MIL-L-2104C, MAN 271, VOLVO VDS meet the performance specifications.


  • Resists breakdown at high temperatures.
  • Exhibits easier cold weather starting.
  • Oxidation stability and anti-corrosion properties.
  • Blended with special anti-wear additives for longer engine life.


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